Sunday, December 27, 2009

Taking Away Akha Girls is Bad News

Doesn't matter why you do it, taking away Akha girls for religious purposes, to change their culture and religion, to look down on their culture, its all bad news. We have opposed the practices of missions like Vern McCauley's outfit for years, actually it is an organ of the group called YWAM that specializes in its own breed of emotional and psychological battery against young people. So its no wonder that battered young people go on mission trips to places like Eden House and then help sponsor that outfit to take Akha girls away from their villages and beat them up some more. Its like the army. Our young people will kill your young people and we can all go out for a drink at the UN when we are all done carving up the world.

The donor doesn't know the real situation in the hills, so the dramatic blasting of Akha culture by these people is an easy deception. They are creating abuse, creating dependency, and Vern McCauley defends keeping silent about missionaries who commit sexual abuse against Akha girls because it would cause people to think bad about missionaries. See his interview in "Prisoners of a White God".

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  1. Why does Vern McCauley take only girls? Why are they poor? Why do missionaries get rich, claiming to solve problems that are caused by poverty and lack of human rights, while never taking interest in solving THOSE issues and keeping families together in the villages, unless they have a racial hatred for Akha culture since it isn't white evangelical?